George Clarkeu2019s Amazing Spaces

Series 1 - 6 for Channel 4

George Clarke explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. He even tries making one of his own.

Currently filming series 4 & 5 for Channel 4.

Amazing Spaces is also currently being made abroad in countries such as Denmark and Australia.

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan

3 x 60 for ITV

Piers Morgan comes face-to-face with three of Americas most depraved Serial Killers:men who for decades, haunted communities as they stalked their pray. As Piers delves into the minds of these killers can he discover what drives them to kill..and kill again?

Death Row 2018 with Trevor McDonald

1 x 60 for ITV

Trevor McDonald returns to Indiana State Prison's death row to find that they've built a new death chamber. Could this be Trevor's last chance to speak to the condemned men he was unable to forget and the row's new arrival; an infamous serial killer.

The Reassembler

Series 1-2 for BBC FOUR

The Reassembler, now in its second series James May explores the intricacies and engineering marvels of various objects by putting them back together again from a pile of hundreds of their component parts. Not only must he make sure every piece is put back together in order and explain the purpose of every single nut and bolt, he also has to hope that the reassembled machine will actually work at the end of the process.

Armed only with his tool box and an endless supply of tea, James experiences the highs and lows only possible when attempting to piece history back together again, piece by piece.


Across the two series James reassembles everything from a 1957 Bakelite dial telephone, to a 1960's Kenwood Chef Food Mixer, to a 1970's Honda mini trail Monkey Bike.

Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Series 1-2 for ITV

Piers Morgan travels across America to meet some of the country's most notorious female killers in a quest to discover what drives women to kill.

Over two series Piers meets Erin Caffey who, at the age of 16, masterminded the brutal murder of her entire family. In Florida he meets Ashley Humphrey, who despite admitting the cold-blooded slaughter of a woman she'd never met, will walk free after serving only 25 years; Jennifer Mee, who at the age of 15 was a global celebrity thanks to a case of persistent hiccups but now faces a lifetime behind bars for a murder she didn't commit; and in New York state Piers meets Sheila Davalloo, a high-flying executive driven by lust and jealousy to kill her lover's girlfriend.

Mafia Women With Trevor McDonald

2 x 60 for ITV

Trevor McDonald returns to the world of the Mafia, this time gaining unprecedented access to the wives, daughters and girlfriends of notorious gangsters. In these two compelling, emotionally rich films Trevor discovers how the choices these women have made effects their lives today and how those who grew up around the mob bear the scars of their father's actions.

Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge

4 x 60 for Channel 4

In this new series, engineer Dick Strawbridge and master craftsman Will Hardie follow a competition to build a pop up hotel made up of eight very different wilderness retreats. The Welsh tourist board challenged designers and self-builders to create a cabin for £11k that can be moved around the Welsh landscape every month. From over a hundred entrants, eight were chosen and Dick and Will follow the challenges of bringing these very ambitious designs to life. The eight builds could not be more different- from a dragon's eye, to a minuature coal mine, a hat shaped cabin to one designed to look like a cave, this is a collection of innovative and eccentric cabins.

How To Live Mortgage Free With Sarah Beeny

6 x 60 for Channel 4

In this six part series Sarah Beeny meets inspiring people from across the country who are managing to design their way out of debt by building incredible homes and using some clever and simple tricks. Along with Designer Max McMurdo and award winning architect Damion Burrows, each programme features Sarah meeting ingenious people using clever and affordable ways to build their dream homes without owing a penny. 



Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year

Series 1u20133 for Channel 4

George Clarke discovers what is really happening in the Great British shed and uncovers a world of glorious eccentricity when he presides over the prestigious ‘Shed Of The Year Competition’. And if you think Sheds were just a place to keep your garden tools, maybe you should think again.

There are sheds turned into replicas of the Titanic, old amusement parks, 1950’s diners, Elizabethan lodges, American frontier cabins and Tiki surf bars.

Trying to find an ultimate winner amongst this extraordinary range are George Clarke along with his master craftsman mate Will Hardie, designer Max McMurdo and architect Laura Jane Clarke, who travel the length and breadth of the British Isles visiting the incredible designs of sheds entered.

This series celebrates these hidden gems with the greatest competition the world of sheds has ever known.

The Mafia with Trevor McDonald

2 x 60 for ITV

In this series, Trevor McDonald takes an immersive journey into the American Mafia gaining intimate access to people who have experienced first-hand the money, glamour and violence of America’s most famous organised crime network – most of whom have never appeared on television before.

Over two films, the veteran broadcaster delves into the lives of individuals who, with searing honesty, reveal what it means to belong to the Mob. From ‘made’ wiseguys who have risen to the heights of power and stolen millions of dollars, to hit men and enforcers who have committed the most shocking acts of violence on behalf of ‘the Family’, Trevor’s journey reveals a new and unique story of a world made famous by films such as The Godfather and Goodfellas and on television in The Sopranos.

Trainspotting Live


Trainspotting Live, Presented by Peter Snow and Hannah Fry, this three part series went live up and down the rail network celebrating the obsessive dedication of trainspotters and rail enthusiasts who are the modern day custodians of our rail heritage and history.

Freddie Down Under

1 X 60 for Sky 1

Cricketing legend and all-round food fanatic Freddie Flintoff is embarking on an epic new adventure. Leaving the world of fish and chips behind, he is travelling over 10,000 miles to his favourite place in the entire world - Australia. Along with his diminutive compadre Rob Penn, he is taking on a brand-new challenge - plunging head-first into the world of the Aussie classic... the BBQ! With thousands of miles to cover, this promises to be their biggest and boldest road trip yet. The boys are ready for Australia, but is Australia ready for the boys?

Millionaires' Holiday Club

2 x 60 for BBC TWO

Featuring access to one of the country's leading luxury tour operators this series follows the upstairs downstairs life of the staff and the wealthy self made millionaire clientele as they muse on their lives, while enjoying the most glamorous holiday destinations...

Billionaireu2019s Paradise:
Inside Necker Island

1 x 60 for BBC TWO

For the first time viewers are given an in depth, behind the scenes look at one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world - Necker Island.

This film is an intimate portrait of how the rich, powerful and famous holiday, and what it's like for the staff who serve them.

Five Star Babies:
Inside the Portland Hospital

2 x 60 for BBC TWO

This series gains exclusive access to the UK's only private maternity hospital, where everyone from Victoria Beckham to the Duchess of York has paid a premium for the ultimate pampered birth.

We meet the Portland Hospital's army of consultants, midwives, chefs and cleaners, who serve some of the UKu2019s most pampered parents.

James Mayu2019s Toy Stories

6 x 60 for BBC TWO
4 X 60 specials for BBC TWO

In this BAFTA nominated and Guinness world record-breaking hit series, James May takes some of Britainu2019s best-loved toys and puts generations of families at the heart of some ambitious toy adventures.

Along the way he builds a full-size Lego house out of three and half million bricks, wins the Peopleu2019s Choice award at the Chelsea Flower Show for his Plasticine garden, and constructs a 75ft bridge made entirely out of Meccano.

In the Toy Story Specials, James attempts to build the longest model railway, fly a toy plane over the English Channel, race a bike made of Meccano around the Isle of Manu2019s TT track and break the speed of sound with Action Man.

Toy Stories has been sold to 126 countries around the world.

Las Vegas with Trevor McDonald

2 x 60 for ITV

In this series Trevor McDonald discovers the secret life of Sin City. Across the two programmes, Trevor builds up a portrait of real life in this city famed for its 24 hour excess by venturing far beyond the tourist areas of the Strip to delve into the lives of people who call Vegas home. Trevor meets the cityu2019s winners and losers u2013 the ex mobster hiding out from his mafia brothers, the poker player who won over $18 million in one game, the former prostitute who now runs a safe house for working girls and Las Vegasu2019 most famous resident - Mike Tyson.


Series 1-2 for ITV

24 ordinary people - from a variety of backgrounds including lorry drivers and travel agents - are about to make a life changing decision. They’re becoming Police Officers. Filmed over a year with rare, intimate access to the Lincolnshire Police, the trainees and their families, Rookies reveals what it is like to be dropped into the front line of law enforcement without any experience and how this impacts their loved ones.

Kid Criminals

2 x 60 for Channel 4

In this exceptional series we meet the teenagers behind bars in Indianau2019s girls and boys prisons. In Indiana, children as young as 12 years old are locked up, but by taking a revolutionary approach and giving treatment over punishment, teens can get out in months for serious crimes such as murder.

We meet Americau2019s youngest criminals: the two best friends who are both sex offenders; the teen who says heu2019s addicted to violence and the girl who committed an arson that killed three children.

An intimate and moving portrayal of the teenagers, their families and the prison staff who are all hoping to turn the juvenilesu2019 young lives around.

The Little Paris Kitchen:
Cooking with Rachel Khoo

6 x 30 for BBC TWO

Plum brings a completely new and mesmerising talent to the cooking world. Cordon Bleu trained Rachel Khoo is Croydon born but lives in Paris. From her tiny but charming little flat she produces some wonderful twists on classic French food.

Freddie Flintoff:
Lord of the Fries

Series 1-2 for Sky 1

This series features Cricket legend Freddie Flintoff and cycling fanatic and tree hugger Rob Penn as they embark on a most unusual summer adventure in the Great British outdoors.

Freddie and Rob are going to tour the British Isles in a mobile fish n chip van selling Britainu2019s favourite takeaway while indulging in the best the summer has to offer and meeting the people who get out and enjoy it, whatever the weather.

Hugh Laurie: Copper Bottom Blues

1 x 60 for ITV

When a very young Hugh Laurie heard Professor Longhairu2019s seminal album Live on the Queen Mary recorded in 1975, it changed his life. Now a musician in his own right he takes us on a road trip across America which climaxu2019s in one very special night onboard that legendary ship.

Inside Asprey: Luxury by Royal Appointment

1 x 60 for ITV

For the first time we get exclusive access into Asprey: jewellers to the Royal family since Queen Victoriau2019s reign.

On one of Londonu2019s most prestigious streets stands a British institution thatu2019s been trading its brand of luxury for over 230 years. Popular with super-rich clientele whou2019s desire for the finest quality along with a personalised service means that they are willing to pay a painfully high premium to buy into the brand.

With exclusive access weu2019ll follow the fortunes of the staff, the store and its customers over one summer. We see the upstairs/downstairs world of the super-elite and the people who serve them.

James May's Man Lab

Series 1-3 for BBC TWO

James May is on a mission to save modern man. A generation ago men were resourceful, practical and dependable band of brothers. Not any more. James leads a team of lost male souls on the invigorating path to enlightenment. Man Lab has already been sold to 138 countries around the world.

Gok Wan:
Made in China

1 x 60 for Channel 4

Gok Wan travels through his ancestral homeland of China to reveal the sheer scale, ingenuity and variety of its manufacturing explosion.

Madeley meets
the Squatters

1 x 60 for ITV

Squatters are often portrayed as anti-social, drug-taking freeloaders, who contribute nothing to society. But is that really the case? Richard Madeley is on a mission to meet Britainu2019s squatters, to see what their lives are really like and find out why they squat.

Mary's Silver Service

3 x 60 for Channel 4

The majority of over 65s have been forced to retire, but it doesnu2019t mean they donu2019t still have skills and experience. From catering to gardening, DIY to hairdressing, Mary Portas is searching far and wide to recruit an army of old people who may have been cast aside by society, but still have much to offer. As the agency finds new job opportunities, does this army of pensioners still have what it takes to make it in the modern world whilst delivering the lost service, skills and business etiquette of yesteryear?

Win It Cook It

30 x 30 for Channel 4

A brand new 30 episode cookery quiz format for Channel 4 presented by chef Simon Rimmer. Two teams answer questions to win good or bad ingredients. Whatever the teams end up with they have to cook a dish using all the ingredients and hope itu2019s good enough to win.

Coke Zero Presents:
Wayne Rooneys
Street Striker

Series 1-3 for Sky 1

Wayne Rooney returns with an even bigger competition that pits some of Britainu2019s best street footballers against each other in a series of public, skills-based challenges.

Inside Death Row and Women Behind Bars with Trevor McDonald

2 x 60 and 2 x 60 for ITV

Inside the dark and forbidding world of Indiana State Prison. With unprecendented access to those facing execution and the 1900 men serving life inside its walls. The experience Sir Trevor notes u2018will stay with me for the rest of my lifeu2019.

Following on from his experience on death row comes two films where the legendary broadcaster meets some of Americau2019s most violent and notorious women criminals. Sir Trevor visits two prisons in the State of Indiana with shocking consequences.

Ronnie's Animal Crackers

6 x 30 for BBC ONE

Ronnie Corbett shows just how potty the British public are about their pets. He takes viewers into a colourful, entertaining and sometimes downright bizarre world where pet owners and breeders put their beloved animals centre stage.

The Mighty Mississippi
with Trevor McDonald

3 x 60 for ITV

Sir Trevor McDonald takes an unforgettable adventure down the most historic and epic river in the US. At 2320 miles long the mighty Mississippi is the perfect prism through which to tell the story of America.

The Great UFO Conspiracy

1 x 60 for Channel 4

More people in the UK believe in the existence of aliens than in God and over a quarter of us think that evidence of UFOs has been covered up by the government.

Writer and comedian Dan Schreiber is fascinated by these beliefs and goes in search of the most current ET conspiracy theories in a bid to track down the people behind them. He embarks on a roller coaster journey across the UK meeting the biggest voices in the UFO community. He learns that Jesus was an alien, that humanity is ruled by an evil reptilian overlord and that there is sentient black goo living in the sewers, threatening our very existence.

Portillo on Picasso

1 x 60 for ITV

Michael Portillo explores the Spanish side of Picasso, the works he produced and the compelling character of the great master. He studies the legendary political canvas, Guernica, which details the Spanish civil war, without which Michaelu2019s family would have a very different story.

Going Wild with the Joneses

1 x 60 for Sky 1

Steve Jones travels with his brothers and father to one of the most inhospitable terrains on earth u2013 the Kalahari Desert. The Jones boys will have to pull their weight amongst the Bushmen of the Kalahari for a week as they hunt, kill and eat wild animals, build fires, dance and sleep under the stars and brave the Sanu2019s Bushmenu2019s traditional dress.

Can Eating Insects Save the World?

1 x 60 for BBC FOUR

Stefan Gates immerses himself in the extraordinary world of hardcore insect eating as he discovers that insects arenu2019t just healthy, they might be able to help save our planet. Stefan goes on a food adventure to meet the people in Thailand and Cambodia who hunt, eat and sell edible bugs for a living.

Castrol Edge Presents
Ronaldo Tested to the Limit

1 x 60 for Sky

A major documentary event starring one of the worldu2019s greatest footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo. This film has been seen in over 100 countries. The film tests Ronaldou2019s mental and physical strength, through a series of dramatic challenges designed by the worldu2019s leading sport scientists.

One Man and his Camper Van

10 x 30 for BBC TWO

Over one glorious summer, camper van-lover and passionate foodie Martin Dorey journeys around Britain on the ultimate escapist adventure - celebrating the freedom of camper van living.

The Secret Caribbean
and Mediterranean
with Trevor McDonald

3 x 60 and 4 x 60 for ITV

In these two epic series Sir Trevor McDonald leaves the tourist trail and embarks on an incredible journey of discovery experiencing the contrasting people, places and cultures of both the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Party Paramedics
Booze Bus

1 x 60 for Channel 4

Filmed over a summer in a typical hard-drinking British town u2013 Colchester, Essex u2013 this documentary tells the story of the paramedics and the patients they treat.

England's Worst Ever Football Team

2 x 90 for BBC THREE

For the 2010 and 2014 World Cups we select Englandu2019s worst ever football team, celebrating some of the worst players ever to put on an England shirt. Itu2019s not just footballing crimes that are on trial; our final XI are also judged by off-field misdemeanours including bad behaviour, dodgy haircuts and recording some of the worst football songs of all time.

E Numbers:
an Edible Adventure

3 x 60 for BBC TWO

Are E Numbers a culinary evil or saviour of the human race? Stefan Gates presents a mischievous and myth-busting series looking at the three hundred plus additives and preservatives that much of our food contains and that most of us couldn't live without.

Britain by Night

1 x 60 for ITV

A landmark documentary that crosses the frontiers of night to take a cinematic and poetic look at the lives that take place while most of us are asleep. Narrated by Zoe Wannamaker.


3 x 60 for BBC FOUR

Feasts follows presenter Stefan Gates as he immerses himself in some of the most extraordinary feasts and festivals on earth, sampling a variety of stunning local foods along the way.